Eurovision RSVP


The 61st annual Eurovision Song Contest is quickly approaching. This will be the Dietzels’ 1st Eurovision viewing in our new Los Angeles home, and as usual, our festivities will get an early start, with the livestream from Stockholm beginning at noon PDT and expected to last roughly 4 hours. The performances generally conclude around 3pm, with the remainder of the time left for voting. After this year’s winner is announced, the celebration will continue into the evening.

We encourage attendees to:

1. Pick a country to root for. Most countries have already voted for their representative performer and song. You can catch up on current picks here:

2. Wear something, anything indicating which country you are rooting for.

3. Bring a dish or beverage inspired by your country of choice. As Martha and I are hosting, we will represent host country Sweden.

4. If you want to get really prepared, you can watch the semifinals on May 10th and 12th.

Don’t feel like dressing up or bringing anything? Then just show up and have fun!